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Gardening is as much a science as chemistry, albeit more rewarding. It takes some time for a gardener to learn everything that is required to maintain a healthy and beautiful garden. Here, we list some tips for you to make this process easier. Read on!

Start seeds

There is nothing quite like sowing tiny seeds and watching them germinate into seedlings in a matter of days. Seed starting is a great way to involve kids in gardening and it’s pretty easy too. All you need is potting soil, a vessel, water and seeds. Alternatively, the ground can also be used to start seeds and to make this process even more inexpensive.

Add Mulch

A thick layer of mulch around your garden plants will reduce weeding times so it’s a labor saving gardening tip. You can use whatever mulch you like and that which is easily available. Shredded cedar bark, pine needles, grass clippings, gravel or stones can be used. It needs to be spreadable to use around the plants in your garden. Mulches made from plant material such as bark, needles and clippings can be refreshed over time by simply adding a top layer after several days. They also break down fairly easily.


Flowers are beautiful to look at but you can add another dimension to your gardening experience which also pleases your senses.  Plant fragrant herbs and flowers to enrich your gardening experience and be greeted with pleasing scents as well as breathtaking sights. Roses, lilacs and peonies are among the most fragrant perennial plants. Tropical vines like jasmine are ideal for adding fragrance to a porch or patio.

Grow herbs

Even if you have limited space for gardening, it is possible to grow herbs in containers. Herbs can grow easily even with minimal care and produce edible leaves and flowers. You can experiment with the different flavors and expand your palette.

Survey your garden

Take some time out of your schedule and walk through your garden. It will be easier to spot insect pests and diseases and treat them before the problem really starts.


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