If you’re already a keen observer of nature then you might have noticed how in moments of stress and anxiety, the greenery around you makes you feel relaxed and breezy. A lot of research has been done on this and the findings and facts below advocate the power of greenery to lift your mood, even if temporarily:

1)     It can clear your head, calm your nerves, and lower your blood pressure.

2)    Scientists say that a 30-minute visit to a garden or a park can improve both your mental and physical health.

3)    One study shows that clearing empty lots of trash and planting more trees helped people feel happier and reduced the symptoms of depression. The same study showed that the residents living near lots which were not cleared and did not have trees planted around them had either the same level of depression or only a slight change in their depression levels.

4)    Another report states that people living around green spaces have a lower chance of becoming obese and this indirectly reduces depression as obesity is one of the major reasons for depression amongst people.

5)    A Pakistani psychologist, Naheed Khan, says that reduction in trees may lead to mental health problems. She states that trees reduce stress levels and prevent high blood pressure. 

6)    An urban planner, Farhan Anwar, says that public spaces crowded with trees can be places where the residents can find an escape from the strains of life and interact with one another leading to better health and well-being.

7)    A study was conducted to investigate the topic under discussion and the participants were given some stressful tasks. After the task, the participants were shown videos of landscapes with varying density of trees. It was found that the greater the density of the trees, the more quickly the participants recovered from their stressful tasks.

8)    Even just changing your mobile or laptop’s background display to that of a forest can reduce your stress levels. 

9)    Another study found that exposing adults to trees is likely to help them sleep better.  

10) These findings of better mental health conditions resulting from exposure to greenery aren’t true for adults only. A study conducted on children found that those children who resided in areas with a lot of natural vegetation were not much likely to show high levels of depression.

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