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One Potato, two potato- How to grow Potatoes!!

One Potato, two potato- How to grow Potatoes!!


Love eating potatoes? You can now grow them in your own garden!!

Where to Grow? 

Potatoes don’t require any more consideration than other vegetables, but instead specific soil needs and a decent control of maladies and bugs. Potatoes develop best in soil that is well-drained, free, and high in natural issue. Soil that is excessively sandy, rough, or earth isn’t useful for potatoes. You may need to change the soil by including fertilizer, excrement or different fixings to these soils ideally the fall before you plant potatoes.

When to plant?

Plant potatoes in spring when soil temperature reaches 48 to 50 degrees or when  weather forecast predicts a warm weather..

How to plant? 

When planting potatoes applying too much manure and lime can cause a severe scab problem, in fact apply these items the fall before you plant potatoes.

When to acquire? 

Potatoes should be acquired 2 to 3 weeks before planting keeping in mind the end goal to season them. Place them spread out in a shallow box in a zone with daylight where the temperature is around 70 degrees. The potatoes will frame grows which will support brisk rise when you plant them. Around 5 to 7 days before planting cut potatoes length savvy and cut up into square like pieces having no less than 2 eyes, enable the slice surface to mend over and toughen up amid those days. These means will help avoid decay and sickness.

Important things to remember!

Potatoes can get early scourge which are little oblique dark colored spots with an objective like spot in the center. This will carnage plants and is caused by plant garbage overwintering in the bed you plant them. Plant revolution is critical with potatoes. Do not develop in a similar bed for a long time. Tidy up the garden in fall. Last year’s potatoes or grocery store potatoes should not be used as seed potatoes, use only certified seed potatoes which are state inspected.

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