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Think before you Sow -Seema Khuled’s notes on Kitchen Gardening

I have always been trying to emphasize on efficient ways of kitchen gardening.Those of you who have attended the workshops will agree.

Here I want to share a few tips that will save water and give you healthy plants and a good harvest.

1-First of all prepare the soil well. The soil should have organic compost in it which will give it the nutrients and the crumble for water retention.

2-Make a list of your choices and select the plants which give abundant fruit like tomatoes , chillies, cucumbers etc instead of the single fruit plant like cauliflower and cabbage.

3-Don’t go in for traditional row planting which has its downside of wasting water. Sow a particular plant or a group of plants with same watering requirements in blocks. This will create a better micro climate for it and the shade on roots will decrease the evaporation of water.

4-Water deeply to encourage plants to grow deeper roots. Sprinkling water on surface makes the plant spread roots near the surface.Plants are weaker and are unable to utilize the deep soil moisture. It results in a wasteful daily watering.

5-Please never water your plants at noon or in full sun. The plants might wilt and burn and the evaporation of water will be at maximum, another total waste.

6-Keep weeding on a regular basis. Weeds take up the moisture and nutrients much earlier while the plants are still tying their shoes 

7-A clean soil area near the roots, free of weeds will keep your plants healthy without pests.
So these are a few things I wanted to share.Hope it helps a bit.
Happy food gardening to all 

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