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Pakistan’s Favourite Plant!

Pakistan’s Favourite Plant!

The money plant can commonly be found in many Pakistani households. It has an unusual braided trunk and bright green leaves. The money plant is thought to signify luck and good fortune. Even if you do not believe that it may bring financial success, it is still a great option for your house as it requires little maintenance.

The money plant, also known as Pachira Aquatic, is native to Central and South American swamps. It can grow up to sixty feet tall in its natural habitat. The braided trunk is not a natural feature though. Cultivators carefully twist the green trunks when they are young and supple until they turn hard and woody.

Where to grow your money plant

Money trees prefer bright, indirect sunlight and moderate to high humidity. The leaves may get scorched in bright sunlight. Drafts need to be avoided as they can cause leaf loss. Similarly, the money trees need to be kept away from indoor heaters.

It is best to keep your plant in a pebble tray which increases humidity. First, cover the tray with a layer of pebbles and add some water. Then, set the money plant on top.

How to take care of your money plant

Money trees typically need sandy and peat moss based soil to avoid root rot. The pots should also allow good drainage. Although it prefers humidity, you should let the soil dry out a little before each watering session. It is best to water when the top two or three inches of soil are dry. Keep watering until it runs out from the drainage holes at the bottom and then empty out the tray.

Fertilize during the growing season with a liquid plant food fertilizer but avoid doing so during  the winter.

How to propagate your money plant

Cut off the top of a stem with at least two leaf nodes using a thoroughly cleaned pruning shear. Immerse the cut end in hormone rooting powder and place in a standard potting mix. It is crucial to keep the soil moist through regular misting until the cut end starts to grow which may happen after approximately four weeks.

Common Problems

Although money plants are fairly easy to look after, it is possible to run into some common problems. Watering too much and intense sunlight can affect the health of your plants. Scale insects, mealybugs and aphids may also cause problems. These bugs can be treated with a systemic insect control or horticultural oil spray.

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