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Lets explore Salvia

Lets explore Salvia


Salvias are perhaps one of the most diverse and unpredictable plant species around! They bloom for a long time and in a variety of colors. Salvias colors, as well as their growing habits, are reluctant to follow a pattern. Rather, they both are diverse in their own nature. If you love frequent visits from hummingbirds then these plants are your way to go because they attract pollinators such as hummingbirds.

You don’t need to be concerned at all if you have specific requirements for blooming periods and colors because Salvias will never disappoint you. Their diverse blooming periods and sparkling range of colors can fit your needs to the T!

Salvias can tolerate relatively harsh conditions. However, when planting Salvias, one must make sure to not get their feet wet as they cannot bear with this. In fact, once established, Salvias can survive through long periods of drought. If the region where Salvias are planted is experiencing little rain for a long period of time and hot summer sun, then supplementary watering is essential. Salvias also tend to display their best florals during full periods of full sun.

One important tip for growing these plants is to provide them with enough planting space. This is because they can grow to become very large. However, you always have the option to cut them if they tend to grow very large.

Many new alterations in Salvias are under process. Nowadays, work is being done to improve Salvias resistance to disease and to upgrade their winter hardiness.

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