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Get to know more about your favorite celebrities through flowers

Get to know more about your favorite celebrities through flowers


Everyone who follows a celebrity would want to know more about them through as many sources as possible and this article is one such source. There are many flowers which have been brought to attention by different celebrities from around the world and some have even been named after them. Some of these flowers are listed below:


It was the royals who initiated the trend of this flower. When Grace Kelly wed Prince of Monaco, she carried a sophisticated cluster of lily of the valley. Continuing the tradition, Princess Diana, when marrying Prince Charles displayed a bouquet filled with three kilos of lily of the valley, ivy, and some other flowers. In addition to this, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, married Prince William and walked down the aisle carrying a beautiful bouquet dominated by the lily of the valley.

2)     ORCHIDS:

Orchids are known for marvelling in a crowd of flowers. Angelina Jolie and Michelle Obama are just some of the influential celebrities who have displayed their passion for orchids. Furthermore, Michelle Obama also has one category of Singaporean grown Orchid species named after her.


Michael Jackson, the very well-renowned pop singer,  had an immense passion and love for sunflowers. This was revealed by his former wife, Lisa Presley, who requested Michael’s fans to bring sunflowers to his grave on his death in 2009.


If you go through Katy Perry’s and Khloe Kardashian’s Instagram feeds, it will be blatant to you that both of these celebrities have, on various occasions, displayed their affection for these flowers. This is evident from their Instagram posts. 

5)     ROSES:

Now, who doesn’t like roses? Madonna, just like the mass of the people around, cannot help her love and passion for roses. Madonna’s dressing room must be filled with roses for every concert performance, as reported by some sources.






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