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Five Container Annuals You Can’t Kill

Five Container Annuals You Can’t Kill

Do you love gardening but don’t have enough time for it? Are you looking for pretty container plants to decorate your living space but don’t want to spend too much time looking after them?  We have some suggestions below for container plants that are beautiful but low maintenance.

Wave Petunias

These are pretty common in house gardens but still new for people who are just beginning to look after theirs. They are annuals and come in several shades-pink, yellow, apricot, red, white, and stripes. Some kinds stretch out grazing the edges of the containers while others grow tall. These flowers are often described as weatherproof which refers to the fact that they can withstand large amounts of water splashed on them.


Verbena is another plant which trails and is known for its cascading quality. It trails over containers, baskets and retaining walls. It grows in small clusters of mini blooms and comes in three typical colors-white, pink and purple. Verbena makes a great accent plant and can thrive in almost any condition. They are the best option for container annuals in a warm, dry climate.

Sweet Potato Vine

This trailing vine is very hard to kill and comes in the classic colors of purple and lime green. It’s best to grow several varieties of sweet potato vine together in a big pot for the most decorative impact. The plant will do best in either sun or shade as long as it is in well-drained soil. In case you are wondering, this vine does actually produce sweet potatoes however the quality is not really suitable for consumption.


Many interesting foliage combinations can be made with coleus-everything from plain green to wild reds. Plant several together or use them as accents. It’s possible to choose from many different varieties of this plant and both shade-dwellers and sun lovers are available. During winter, transfer this foliage to a sunny window inside the house until spring arrives. Then plant outdoors again.


When looking at these beautiful blue-purple fan shaped flowers, you would think they are pretty high maintenance but this is not really the case. These blooms look great in hanging baskets and window boxes in the sun. Also, they are self-cleaning so there is no need to deadhead them to keep them healthy. The best part about scaevola? The only insects they attract are butterflies.

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