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As the name suggests, these plants have captured the hearts of so many gardeners that it is difficult to keep a track! However, it is easy to see why this is the case. These plants consist of white or pink, heart-shaped flowers.

If this wasnt enough to convince one to grow bleeding hearts, these perennials are also easy to go. They pop up alongisde other plants and quickly grow to full size. Its leaves are generally blue or gold in colour and the blossoms come in pink or white. What a sight to witness though!

If you decide to grow them, you are going to get worried once the summer comes. This is because these plants seem to have “died”. However, do not worry at all! These plants being ephemeral tend to go dormant once the summerc comes along. In other words, relax. They are just taking a nap.

Bleeding hearts can be planted with many other plants inlcuding hosta (one of the most commonly grown house plants), heart-leaf brunnera, and lungwort.


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