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Looking for a plant that does well in a variety of weather conditions and does not need much to thrive? Well, then you are certainly going to love begonia flower plants because they meet these criteria to the T. The flowers come in four beautiful and striking colors: Orange, Pink, Yellow, and White.


No matter what purpose you want these plants for, landscaping or small containers, you will not be disappointed because wax begonia, perhaps the most popular type of begonia plant, comes in various sizes ranging from 6 inches to 3 feet. Not only are their sizes diverse, but their flowers also come in many different shapes. 


Like their physical forms, these plants also have versatility in their maintenance requirements. While the old-fashioned wax begonias do well in shade, the newer varieties are completely happy in full shade to full sun. It is advisable to give them a regular dose of fertilizer to aid the speeding up of the bloom’s growth. Balance is the key to growing these plants. While they require to be sufficiently watered regularly, they must not get too wet as this can kill them.


Begonia is best suited to warm weather and thus, growing them during this season ensures they will thrive well. Once you have planted them, you need you to be patient because they grow slowly, and you will observe a burst in their growth only once the summer heat kicks in.

To sum up, these plants are best-suited to warm weather and are easy to grow with little care and thus, if you are passionate for gardening yet a full or part-time student and/or employee, these plants can provide just the balance you need in your life.  


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