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Aloe Vera and its Uses

Aloe Vera and its Uses

There are some plants who do not need an introduction and Aloe Vera  is one of them! If I were to list down all the possible uses of this plant, then I would probably think of writing a book and not an article. From medicinal, decorative, to agricultural uses, Aloe Vera plant is in heavy demand. In fact, we are all surrounded by Aloe Vera in our daily lives. From beverages to cosmetics, Aloe Vera serves as an essential ingredient to many.

USES of Aloe Vera Plant:

1)  Aloe Vera’s low toxicity makes it suitable to ease heartburn;

2)  Many studies have shown that coating vegetables and other food items with Aloe Vera hinder the growth of bacteria on them;

3)  Aloe Vera can also be used as an alternative to mouthwash. The plant can also provide relief to swollen and bleeding gums;

4)  Lowers your blood sugar level;

5)  Acts as a laxative. Some studies have investigated the benefits of this succulent plant for digestion;

6)  Applying Aloe Vera on your skin can hydrate it and freshen it up.



People have been growing Aloe Vera for hundreds of years for different purposes such as medicinal purposes. If you are tempted to grow this plant after reading the benefits mentioned above, then it is highly recommended that you continue reading. Following are the steps one must go through while growing Aloe Vera:


1)     Firstly, you need to realize that this plant is a succulent like cactus and thus, does best in dry conditions. This also means making sure that the pot chosen for growing Aloe Vera has many drainage points. Aloe Vera cannot tolerate standing water.

2)     Next, water carefully. Before watering, make sure that the soil is dry. One of the most frequent reasons for the death of these plants is that their owners ended up watering them too much.

3)     Choose your fertilizers wisely! Aloe Vera plants do not need fertilizers as such. If you really do want to fertilize them then do that once a year in spring.

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